Kostakis Adventures in LA 1

As the youngest of the group I had a lot of fun at Track7 Games. One of the people I had the most fun with, was my mentor Nektarios Chionis (Concept/Textures). We had a love/hate relationship which pushed the game’s quality as well as our and our coworkers sanity. Once we got back from E3 2006, our resident Video Editor: Stefanos Koromilas made this video.

Turn on Annotations for a translation to English.

Basically I am being interviewed for some site and the expressions the girl interviewing me made were the inspiration for this, she suggests I am having an affair, but the affair is also with a man. I promise her that I am not gay, we then cut to a scene shot in Frankfurt, on the way back from E3, in which I am actually making fun of Nek, but my expression is used to convey a scene of confessing my love to him. It was hilarious, to this day I laugh with this video and how absurd it is. Enjoy!

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