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Kostakis Adventures in LA 1

As the youngest of the group I had a lot of fun at Track7 Games. One of the people I had the most fun with, was my mentor Nektarios Chionis (Concept/Textures). We had a love/hate relationship which pushed the game’s quality as well as our and our coworkers sanity. Once we got back from E3 2006, our resident Video Editor: Stefanos Koromilas made this video.

Turn on Annotations for a translation to English.

Basically I am being interviewed for some site and the expressions the girl interviewing me made were the inspiration for this, she suggests I am having an affair, but the affair is also with a man. I promise her that I am not gay, we then cut to a scene shot in Frankfurt, on the way back from E3, in which I am actually making fun of Nek, but my expression is used to convey a scene of confessing my love to him. It was hilarious, to this day I laugh with this video and how absurd it is. Enjoy!

Theseis Heroes Updated Outfits

At some point in development we wanted to improve the suits of our main characters, both as a story point and visually:

Here are some in progress shots of both versions of Andronikos’s suits:

Andronikos Epic Outfit

When Andronikos has to face the challenges of the chosen one – in the Crystal Dome hovering island complex – he is somewhat less covered. This is the outfit he would be wearing during these ancient trials.

You can see the version we had in 3dsmax and how it looks imported into Unity Pro years later. I have also attached a couple of shots showing off the anatomy work done. I will look for more in progress shots. This is the outfit in context:

E3 2006 Screenshot set

Production Screenshots 2007



Suburban railway construction site:

Ruined house:

Main characters: