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Theseis: Post-mortem – Part 2: Main Production

Following the E3 of 2006 the decision was made that we have to focus on creating the game, that the expo just makes us focus on the wrong things. It was important that the game started getting together.

During 2007 and 2008:

Work started on the game in earnest. The Art Team started to create the various levels outlined in the script and the objects needed to make the puzzles, as well as the creation of the huge cast of mythological creatures featured in the game.

Team members were added, while others left. The first addition was Vasilis Birbas (3D), as he successfully completed our Art Test. A few other artists were interviewed. Dimitris Koskinas (3D/Textures), Nikos Moutafis (3D/Scripting) and Fotis Tsantilas (3D) were added to the team.

The art style needed to stay consistent, so things were thrown out and re-done and the pipeline was fine tuned. Our tools were mostly exporters that would create files read by the engine in an attempt to avoid burdening the programming team with having to create and maintain an in-game editor, since our resources were stretched pretty thin. (This would turn out to work, but was not ideal for creating gameplay).

The programming team decided that a clean re-write of the current engine was the way to go, since leading up to E3 2006 a lot of things were hard-coded into the demo. Almost as soon as this decision was made the Lead Programmer had to leave to serve in the Greek Armed Forces, leaving Michael Georgoulopoulos in charge of the programming team.


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