Back in 2004-2009 we were making a game. A third person action adventure with an amazing world and cast of Greek mythological characters.

This blog is a tribute to our work there, I will upload all the videos, images and relevant material I have and can publish. I am also going to try and get permission to post our demos.

The main reason for the blog though is to have a fully detailed account of what happened during the project’s run and what ultimately led to it’s cancellation, for this reason I am a writing a 3 part post-mortem, detailing key events and lesser know details of the production. My account of the events will be verified by as many team members as possible and I aim to provide an objective and thorough assessment of the situation as one of the key members of production and one of the last to leave.

For Theseis,

Kostas Yiatilis MacFarlane

Lead Artist / Script


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