Theseis 2008 – Mansion Teaser

E3 2006 Screenshot set

Theseis first cinematic storyboard

Production Screenshots 2007



Suburban railway construction site:

Ruined house:

Main characters:

First Cinematic 2005 Screenshots

Screenshots from the first cinematic we did for Theseis. This was later improved in a number of ways, there are a couple of comparison shots here, a full album will be added later.

Theseis: Post-mortem – Part 1: Early Steps

Theseis – The beginning and early steps.

Theseis was a 3rd person action adventure game developed by Track7, an indie game development team based in Athens, Greece. Development lasted approx. 5 years. Starting in 2004 and ending completely during August 2009.

A small team was assembled under the lead of Sakis Kaleas (3D) in order to create the game. Funding was provided by a very supportive and inspiring gentleman Kyriakos Raptopoulos, he supported the project until the very end and we owe him so much.

Stefanos Koromilas (3D/Video) was instrumental in putting the very first people together, including Sakis Kaleas (3D), George Markou (Programming), Iosif Kefalas (Music) and Apostolos Zaharopoulos (Script). Concept Artists Theodoros Kyritsopoulos (Concept/3D) and Nektarios Chionis (Concept/Textures)  and Chris Tripkos (IT) were also added to the team, as well as some of Saki’s former students Nikos Natsios (3D), Antonis Fylladitis (3D) and Andreas Zelhs (3D), followed by the youngest of the group, yours truly, Kostas Yiatilis MacFarlane (3D).

The project started out as a point ‘n click adventure similar to Syberia. Development was both troubled and groundbreaking, especially in the context of 2004-2009 Greece.

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